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Safe Vault

Create a vault in your iPhone and store securely your photos, videos, contacts and notes


Safe Vault app allows you to save photos, videos, contacts and passwords in a vault and protect all the data with a passcode. The passcode can be numeric with 4 or 6 digits, or a pattern.


The app also allows you to create a fake vault, with another passcode, so you can save other files in this vault in case you need to show the content of the app to someone else against your will.


The Version PRO of the app unlock some extra features and can be purchased inside the app as a monthly or annual subscription. The Version PRO features are:


- No limits to store photos, videos, contacts, notes or passwords;

- Cloud sync: your vault data will be synchronized with the cloud, so you can recover all your data in case your device is stolen or lost, or if you delete the app accidentally;

- Lock the app with Touch ID or Face ID.

- Break-in reports: the app takes a picture of anyone who tries to open the app with a wrong passcode.

- Trash Bin: the deleted files will be kept in the Trash Bin for 30 days before being deleted permanently, so you can recover deleted files by mistake.

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